Thursday, September 11, 2008

utah state fair

well we finally made it to the utah state fair after about twenty eight years, it was nothing to crow about. I got picked to go on stage with an illusionist ross did'nt think i would do it but i did never again though. it was fun . then today we went to the Temple grounds , Joseph Smith building and there we had lunch. We tried the fried pickles which were very good. we are having a great time but miss all the little kids and big kids love you


Jordan & Alisha Doty said...

Hey mom I still can't believe you went up on stage for the illusionist--Way to Go--wish I could have seen it.We miss and love you

Cami said...

Hi there,

Hope you are having fun. I wish we could go to that fair. Bring us some Beaver cheese back. (no, you don't have to, unless you really love us) Keep having fun. We love you and miss you too!