Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alisha's and Jordan's

we are at alisha and jordan and having a great time. the kids have grown up so much . Yesterday Alisha and me went to the parade of homes up here , there are some beautiful homes. The last few homes we went to were quite large, one was 6000 sq ft on each floor and there were two stories. We will be heading home on monday, seems like the time flies to fast.


Tyson and Torrey Jones said...

That is a huge home! Sounds like you guys are having a good time. Tell the kids hi for me and that I love them! Did you guys surprise Alisha or did you end up telling her that you were coming? Travel safely!

Tami said...

It sounds like your having fun!! The boys have been asking when your coming home, Degan has been wanting to go to your house!! Well see you soon drive careful, We Love You!

Tyson and Torrey Jones said...

We are still sick, but feeling a little better today. I'm glad you surprised Alisha! I would have been scared to death! Surprises are so much fun. love ya!