Sunday, September 21, 2008


Clayton, Elwin, Ross, Ivor
some of the family
Clay, Mary, Elwin, Roma, Ross, Annette, Gracia, Ivor
Saturday we went to enterprise ut and went to a reunion it was quite windy and dusty, but we had fun. Dad's three other brothers were out there, it has been a long time since the four were all together and it was great. Bailee went with us, and after the parade we picked up Kord,kabe, asher, preston, tayia, ryker along with bailee and went to the dixie day parade in st george utah it turned out to be quite fun.


Jordan and Alisha Doty said...

That is a good picture of Dad and his brothers. I am glad they could all get together.

Tyson and Torrey Jones said...

Wow... you took on that many kids to a parade! You guys are the BEST grandparents! I have never seen pictures of Ivor or Clayton, so it was nice to see the pictures. We should have gone. It sounds like we missed out!

JunkyRanch said...

Hi Aunt Annette,

I found this blog online and LOVE it. Great photos! When's the next reunion?

We're going up to my property that I call "Jones Mountain" north of Enterprise and Modena the 16th - 18th of October for a campout. Kinda chilly at night, but fun. Of course you and your kids and all of our Jones relatives are ALL invited. Write if you want to come and need directions. I'm at Anyway, we love you guys and need to get together more as JONESES-EZ.

Love Elwin & Donna's son Phil


Tyson and Torrey Jones said...

I tagged you! Thought you might have fun doing it.