Monday, September 8, 2008

Ryker's baptism

paul, angie, preston , ryker and tayia
Kord, Shane, Asher,Kabe
Torrey and Evan
Bailee, Tayia,and Dalanie (cousin)
Asher sneaking in picture,Paul and Angie and kids
Konnor, kabe, ryker,asher, kord

Saturday we went to St George and went to Ryker's baptism. It was a real nice day and an important day for Ryker. We are so proud of him and the choice he made, he is a real special grandson we love you Ryker.


Bank On It said...

Kabe and Asher's sweater vests are crackin' me up! They're funny. I can't believe Ryker is 8 already!!! Where does the time go?

Bank On It said...

You have been tagged (again). Check out my blog for more details.

Tyson and Torrey Jones said...

You are sneaky! I can't believe you got that picture of me! Tyson and I tried to get out of there ASAP when we saw you snapping pictures. Asher is a funny kid!

Danila said...

Oh, man I wish I could have been there! Congratulations Ryker! What a wonderful day! Jaidyn is so excited to get baptized. I really wish Angie had a blog. I miss them so much!