Saturday, August 23, 2008

pictures at gma's house

Calab what a cute smile
grandpa and his little helper calab
Calab sad face
Calab and Degan eating apples
who belongs to the ds Dillon or his dad

Friday, August 22, 2008

going to granny and papa's house

dustin what a cute face
Dillon hard at work on his ds
Degan playing with his superheros

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

other trips we have taken

up at cedar mountains at Bob's and Patty
at the park in st george celebrating preston's and paul's birthday
throwing water balloons
Birthday boy cute Preston
Kabe at the party too.

Fisherman warf San Francisco Cal

sign at Fisherman's warf
my honey at the wheel
store in China town

I've been tagged thanks boof

What is his name Ross
How long have you been married Thirty -six wonderful years
How long did you date six years and we are still dating
Who eats more we both eat about the same
Who said I love you first Ross
Who is taller he is
Who sings better he does
who is smarter he is
Whose temper is worse mine for sure
Who pays the bills I do
Who does the laundry I do
Who cooks dinner I do once in a while
Who drives when together he does
Who is the first to admit when there wrong he is
Who wears the pants in the family we both do
Who mows the lawn he does
Who asked who out first he did
Who proposed he did
What is my favorite thing about him He is the sweetest and kindest man I know and that is why I love him.
I tag danila, jolene, Ronda

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation on the Oregon Coast and San Francisco California

we had a great time on our trip. We went down the oregon coast and it was beautiful. It was quite foggy most of the way but it was still pretty. We also went to the red wood forest and that was amazing. The trees were so big and beautiful, we hike up the hill then road a sky tram to the top and then we road the tram down and hiked the rest of the way down the hill. We then headed to san francisco to see the famous warf. It was amazing to see the many people and the streets of San Francisco. We had such a great time.

More of our vacation

alisha, maicey, gage and violet
maicey, grandpa, granny, and violet
gage, alisha, violet and maicey
Idaho Falls Temple

Idaho Falls Vacation

Rexburg Idaho Temple
Water park Idaho
Bear Country Idaho
Bear Country
Maicey and Gage at Bear Country

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tayia's Birthday

Tayia's first day of school
Tayia's back of hair cut
Tayia blowing out the candles
Tayia eating her pizza
One on Tayia's birthday outfits
A cute six year old granddaughter

today we went to tayia's birthday party. It's hard to believe she is six years old . She was so excited to open her presents. She is such a pretty girl and her haircut was adorable on her, which she had cut into a bob.