Sunday, June 14, 2009


me and ross just got home from going on a short trip we went to williams arizona to visit his brother clay and had a very good time, then we went to sedona arizona and spent a couple of days there and then came home we had a great time. we are enjoying retirement alot. then on thursday we are going to san diego cal with our kids and grandkids for our reunion i'm sure we will have a great time. we are just going to hang out at the camp and enjoy each other's company and let the kids play with their cousins then we will go to the ocean for a few hours. some might go to an amusement park, but not us this year. I can' wait to relax and enjoy my grandkids . what a fun time it will be.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


we just got back from camping up by modena, amanda and her family ann and her family and me and ross went we had a blast. The weather was real cool and nice. We visited with family that we hadn't seen for about ten years and our kids had't seen them for almost twenty so ann and amanda got to see their cousins and their families. IT was great we love camping and being out in nature.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


SPIRITUAL GOAL Take the family names you prepared last month to the temple

PROVIDENT LIVING GOAL Eat healthier fewer sweets more fruits and vegetables smaller
portions of lmeat and more fiber etc.

STORAGE GOAL 50 pounds of sugar or honey per person, 10 #10 cans powdered milk per person
2 toothbrushes per person toothpaste and mouthwash infant needs formula
baby food diapers tylenol etc.

72 HOUR KITS prepare blankets (silver foil or wool) or sleeping bags and put them with your
72 hour kits Add to your kit items that entertain uno cards, coloring books,
crayons paper pencils, etc. Camp stove or portable bbq and fuel.
mosquito repellant 25 dollars cash