Tuesday, September 2, 2008

at amanda's house

Asher eating a lemon
Asher eating another lemon n
Grandpa and Asher Kord was sick this day


ronda said...

Amanda's kids are getting so big seems like time really flys by. Sorry we didn't get to see you guys when we were up. It would be nice to have all the family together again seems like a long time since we could all get together. It was nice to see Darin, Tami and kids. Ann Marie, John and kids and Tori, tyson and kids they all are so cute and have grown up so much it was a quick trip. any way love ya Ronda

Tyson and Torrey Jones said...

Asher has grown up a lot since we have seen him last! He looks like a fun boy! Hope to see ya Saturday! love ya!

Danila said...

Asher is so cute! What a funny face! I hear he's a real comedian, we miss seeing all of them. It's crazy how fast time flies. It was so great to see you when we were down in Logandale, I'm glad that we got to see most of the family. I really miss seeing those who weren't there. We need to get Amanda and Angie to start blogging, they're the only one's left.

Bank On It said...

Holy crap, he's big! I haven't seen Asher in forever it seems. It makes me feel old. Pretty soon Kord will be in high school, kissing girls, Kabe will be in jail and Asher will be talking! Where does the time go?