Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving was a great day, we spent the day at Darin's and Tami's They hosted a great place for us all to meet. The kids had a blast, too bad it was so muddy, but we had fun anyway
wish all the rest of the kids could of came too, but everyone works different days and hours. Hope all my kids can make it for the christmas party. we love all our kids and grand kids and are so thankful the the family and the fun we have together, for the love that is shown towards each other and the care and concern we have for each others welfare. we could not be given a greater family, or a greater mom and dad waters that started the whole family. we love you all.

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Torrey said...

Glad you like the tree! I hope it wasn't too big! I had picked out a smaller one, but Ty thought you would like a bigger one. Don't feel bad about not getting the present to me. It has been a busy past couple weeks for everyone! love ya