Tuesday, November 25, 2008


1. wrapping paper or gift bags wrapping paper
2. real or artifical tree real
3. when do you put up the tree day after thanksgiving
4 .when do you take your tree down sometime in January
5 .do you like eggnog no
6. favorite gift received as a child jewelry
7 .hardest person to buy for my mom and dad
8. easiest person to buy for my honey
9. do you have a nativity scene a few
10.best christmas gift you ever received my scriptures
11.worst christmas gift you ever received a can opener
12favorite christmas movie kris kringle
13.when do you start shopping for christmas January
14.have you ever recycled a christmas present no
15. favorite thing to eat at christmas time goodies
16.light on the tree course
17favorite christmas song silent night
18.travel at christmas time or stay home home
19.angel on top of tree or star i have had both
20.can you name all of santa raindeers sure
21.open the christmas gift christmas eve or morning morning
22.most annoying thing about this time of year nothing i love this season
23.favorite christmas dinner mac salad
24.what do you want for christmas this year nothing i have every thing my family
thanks ann
i tag torrey, amanda, bethany, danila and ronda

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