Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy valentines day to our sweet and greatest grandchildren ,we love each and every one of you with all our hearts ,you all have special little spirits and always do good in what you do ,we want to give each of you a great big hug and kiss. Ryker, Tayia, Preston, Caleb, and soon to be gavin, Konnor, Bailee, Canyon, Siena, Dillon, Degan, Dustin, Kord, Kabe, Asher, Maicey, Gage, Violet, Evan and Ethan what a great bunch of kids.


Torrey said...

Ethan said "Grandma I love you so much! I love it when you tickle me because you make me laugh the hardest!"

Evan said "Grandma I love you to the moon! I love it when you rock and sing to me."

Okay, they didn't really say it BUT I know they were thinking it! We love you and you are a wonderful Grandma & Mom. We hope you have a Happy Valentines Day with your sweetheart!!

Tami said...

i love you dill xo xo xo xo xo xo

Dillon typed the message by himself I'm not sure why he only put dill!! Thanks for the V-day messages We love you guys too Your the Best!!

Bank On It said...

Don't forget your adopted child, Boof!

Love ya!