Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was thinking this morning how blessed we are as a family, we are blessed to have such great sons and daughters who are there for each other and care about the feeling of each other, who have the gospel in their lives and compassion they have for each other and others as well. For sons and daughters that love their families and the lifes of their families. We are blessed for the awesome grandkids we have for the special spirit that each one has, for the friendship each one has for each other for the principles of the gospel that they are taught in their homes, for the compassion and concern they have for people that have disabilities.. I love them so much. I am blessed for my terrrific husband, the spirit he has about him, for the principles that he has taught our children, for him being so honest and truthful, for his fun personality and the fun he has taught our kids and grandkids. for being my true friend, eternal companion and I just can't say enough about him I love you my sweetheart. First and most important I love the Savior, our elder brother, I love the tender mercies he gives us the knowledge we have about him and the forgiveness he gives us. we are blessed to have our extended families and the families before that. May each of us dwell more on Christ this christmas and know the true meaning of christmas we love you all Merry Christmas

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Tami said...

Yes, thank you mom & dad for raising a very loving and thoughtful man! Darin is an amazing dad and husband! you know what they say: you can tell alot about a man by the way he treats his mom & dad!!