Saturday, December 6, 2008


Last night our ward had their christmas party. It was the journey to Bethlehem. we dressed in the attaire of that time, we arrived at the church, went in the front doors and had to pay our taxes before entering the chapel. our taxes was a can for food. We entered the chapel and got our instructions, we had to sign the creed when we left the chapel and got our bag of coins, which bought our clothes if not dressed up, bought food, and games It was just like going to Bethlehem the decorations were beautiful and it was such a fun and spiritual night. Ross played one of the kings and I ran the punch booth. All in all it made a big impression on all the kids and adults too. It was great having the true meaning of Christmas expressed.

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Torrey said...

That is a good idea. Your ward sounds like they have a lot of fun activities!