Tuesday, September 15, 2009


SPIRITUAL GOAL Attend/listen to one more session of general conference than you normally

PROVIDENT LIVING GOAL Make a goal to read 30 minutes/day to your children or
grandchildren. If you have no children to read to make a goal to
read at least 30 minutes/day just for pleasure.

STORAGE GOALS 50 cans of soup, stew or chili per person, 10 lbs cheese dried or bottled
per person shaving supplies dish soap.

72 HOUR KIT Replace items placed in your kit in April, 4 granola bars 2 sticks of beef jerky
1 package of chewing gum and hard candies or lollipops at least 12 per person.
check batteries for light and radio and replace if needed.

1 comment:

Torrey said...

I do need to check the batteries in our kits... I don't think I ever replaced them from the last time they didn't work. Thanks for the reminder!